Registration counter set up by Fern Expo at Blish Mize's annual fall trade show.

"We've worked with our sponsors for years. They know our team by name and we know theirs. It's about longevity, trust and a true working partnership that's an advantage for all involved including our clients."

- Jeanne Kanoy, Director of Finance

Overland Park Convention Center

Jeanne Kanoy, Director of Finance


"Our convention return rate is above average, so we like to say, 'to know us is to love us.' We do our best to understand each planner’s needs and then aim to over deliver, every year. It’s a true advantage to have so many repeat clients as it allows us to be better together. It’s like welcoming a friend home every year."

- Amy Garton, Destination Specialist

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Amy Garton, Visit Overland Park

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